Chrysanthemums Rediscovered

For many years I was in total agreement. That the mums you always see at the corner market, grocery store, or tie dye at Costco and Walmart make anyone with an ounce of taste, want to gag! If you work in the floral industry either as a grower or a designer, then you know that “chrysanthemum” is synonymous with a four letter word. You’ll often hear it roll off of customers tongues with great disgust, as if the mere sound leaving their mouth makes them shudder. “No carnations, chrysanthemums or baby’s breath, please!” It has now come back in style and used to enhance any floral design. Pictured here, are some purple mums nestled in a gorgeous wedding bqt we created for a previous bride. We think it came out amazinggg and our bride did too. So don’t be shy to let our designers include a few mums to create a beautiful bqt for your wedding.

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