Mother’s Day 2021 Flower Update

Mother’s Day 2021 is next Sunday, May 9th. We open every year from 10am-4pm for your shopping pleasure. We offer curbside pickup and delivery options. Walk-ins are welcomed, but may be a wait due to covid-19 state mandated limitations and precautions. All pickups will be on the side of the building. Honk your horn when you arrive and an associate will be out to assist with the pickup. We only offer curbside on the side entrance Friday-Sunday.

This will be a Mother’s Day like no other. It’s very important to order your flowers as soon as possible. We’re only able to make a limited amount of designs and once were sold out, we’ll be sold out for the Holiday. We’ll be doing less options, to be able to make sure we have a higher quality product. Covid-19 is still causing a lot of disruptions for the floral industry and especially retail florist. We anticipate a tremendous demand for Mother’s Day 2021 and are working hard to make sure everything will run smoothly. Like with everyone else, we are also somewhat affected with labor issues and incoming product delays. We are working long hours to make sure that we have a large product selection available. Despite all the challenges, we’re ready to have a great holiday and are here to support you with all your fresh florals and plant needs. You will notice a price increase and you can read below to see what is causing this on a florist level.

Product availability:
Last few months have probably been the most challenging period for floral logistics and floral supply chain that I can remember. Covid-19 related shutdowns have thrown a wrench into the world-wide supply chain. Not knowing what was ahead, many farms have shut down production, closed many fields and laid off employees. Going back to production has not been as fast as we would like, especially since some countries are still facing shutdowns and restrictions, as well as major labor shortages. For example, the daffodil season in England/Ireland was cut short because there was really no labor left to pick them!

Air freight has also been seriously affected because of various limitations and flight reductions. Usually, large availability of freight flights has dwindled to almost half capacity. This causes major backlogs in trying to bring product into the US and results in delays that are very common during mandated government clearance process.

Whether its Colombia or Ecuador or Holland for flowers or China and Vietnam for hardgoods, companies are struggling to find enough labor and enough freight to get their goods to market. This also affects prices, and I am sure you have noticed prices of many items increasing.

We anticipate this situation to continue for the next few months. We’ll be doing our very best to keep prices reasonable and to have product instock at all times.

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